Pentecost Worship:


Come and visit in the prayer garden this Sunday, May 31st at 10:00. (Weather permitting) Bring your Bible, your mask, and a chair or blanket to sit on. Safe spacing will be marked out. We’ll visit and pray together. Online worship will continue to be available on Facebook and YouTube at 8:30.

Update 5/29: See worship page for notes for Sunday May 31

Update 5/21: Look for Kids’ Time Fridays at noon, Facebook live

Update 5/19: See High School graduates on “Education” page

Update 5/8: The Cherokee Mission trip for 2020 has been cancelled. We look forward to being reunited in 2021

Update 4/29: We are sad to share that VBS is cancelled for 2020. We will miss the chance to spend time with the kids.

Update 4/28: The Prayer page has been updated with a link to the online Upper Room daily devotional

We are all anxiously waiting for the chance to get together again with each other in God’s presence. We are focused on determining exactly what is possible, responsible, and sustainable. Online worship will not be interrupted, and will be a permanent part of our ministry in the future.

Our understanding of stewardship includes a commitment to the well-being of our congregation and our community, to the best of our understanding and ability. We will resume in person worship when we are confident in our preparations to maintain safe conditions based on the best advice of health experts and on public health guidelines. Once we are able to resume worship we will each remain responsible for the individual decisions and behaviors that ensure our own personal health and safety, and respect the health and safety of those around us.

We also need to understand your considerations. What you are thinking and feeling as you consider coming back to church in person? What milestones are important to you? What are your concerns? What else is on your heart, mind, and spirit? Please comment, message us, or call 302-629-4458.

Sunday mornings live at 8:30!

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